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France - a fairly large country, located in Western Europe. In the north and west it is washed by the Atlantic waters, its southern shore is caressed by waves of the Mediterranean Sea. In the south, the largest cities of France are concentrated, and the north-west is an amazing place, historical and picturesque. Several severe nature, rocks, waves, sharpening coastal stones, wind, ancient castles and fortresses. It's worth a very close immersion in their history.

Northern cities of France

They stood for centuries, but life continues to this day in the proud architectural monuments of the secular and religious history of the north of France. For example, in St. Omer there is the Church of Our Lady - the pearl of the church architecture of Flanders, a magnificent combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles. It was built in 1200, and finished in the XV century.

Lille: City of Industrialists

The main city of Northern France is Lille. There are many remarkable buildings of secular urban architecture, including the grandiose construction of the Old Stock Exchange of the XVII century and the fortress of Louis XIV - a huge citadel, the construction of which took 60 million bricks and required the efforts of 2 thousand masons.

Arras: gloomy gothic

Known for the fact that Hamlet stabbed the old Polonius through the Arras tapestry, and by the fact that here was born one of the leaders-demons of the Great French Revolution Robespierre. But even today it is quite an interesting place. Gothic cathedral of the XIII century in the city of Amiens miraculously survived the bombing of two world wars. The true masterpiece is the finest carving in the design of the choirs of the Cathedral of the work of the masters of the XVI century.

Honfleur: City of Artists

Further west along the coast of Normandy are the remarkable resort towns and seaports, known to us from history. The most picturesque of these places is the bay of Honfleur. According to the collection of paintings in the Eugène Boudin Museum, it can be judged that the painters Corot, Courbet, Monet and Dufy were very fond of working in Honfleur.

Deauville: flower bank

The city of casinos and fashionable discos, the main of the resorts on the coast of the English Channel, to this day preserved the magnificence that made him famous at the turn of the century. Deauville is the most prestigious seaside resort not far from Paris, nicknamed the "flower bank" and the "Paris Riviera".

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